Keith Rosin, President

2012 - 2013 Board
Les Beam
Belinda Freeman
Sandy Solzc


Mary Scott, Vice-President

Sara Hallam, Treasurer
Sandy Dunand, Corresponding Secretary

Julie Salemi, Recording Secretary
Belinda Freeman, President Ex Officio

2013 - 2014 Board
Gwen Newman
Mary Ellen Brown
Brenda Halkoski
Belinda Freeman and Patti Martin, Directors of Obedience Training
Sandy Solcz, Director of Conformation Training
Tom Jones, Director of Agility Training

Agility Committee Members:
Ann Peterson, Judy Westphal, Tammie Schiech and Anne Lindsley


Agility Trial (Spring) Mary Scott Finance/Budget - OPEN
Agility Trial (Summer) Anne Lindsley Fund Raising OPEN
AKC All Breed Licensed Show

Grounds Keith Rosin, Tom Jones

Show Chair - Dave Osborn, Co-Chair Ellen Vanden Avond

Holiday Parade Patti Martin

Advertizing - Sue Boettcher

Library Mary Lee Winnie

Chief Ring Steward - Sandy Solcz

Dog Walk Loma Gaulke

Hospitality - Laura Vande Ven

Membership Carol Liebl, Mary Scott

Obedience Chair - Belinda Freeman

New Members OPEN

Parking - Gary Roberson

Open Floor obedience Pat Grathan, Eve Hastings

Trophies - Belinda Freeman

Open House Sue Werner


Orientation (Obedience) Belinda Freeman, Patti Martin

AKC Member Club OPEN

Outreach Ronda Bermke (chair), Faith Beam, Gail Okray

Awards Banquet Sandy Lavin & Sandy Solcz

Paw Print Meg Novrosky 

Awards Banquet awards - Carol Liebl

Standing Rules Jane Tenor

Awards Banquet - booklet Ronda Bermke

Sunshine Michelle Nicolay

B-OB Match Chair Chris Olson, Secretary - Kathy Dachlet

Telephone Committee Ronda Bermke (chair), Faith Beam

Budget Dave Winther

Wall of Fame Carol Liebl, Stacy Perry

Building Les Beam

Website Editor Meg Novrosky

Building (new) Becky Barr

WI Dog Federation OPEN

By-Laws Jane Tenor


Equipment Dave Winther, Gary Roberson, Debbie Austin


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Become a PKC Member

PKC welcomes new members.  You do not need an AKC registered dog to become a member.  To become a member, you must first become a trainee by paying a training fee and enrolling in classes.  Within the year you are a trainee, it is necessary for you to attend 2 business meetings.  Fill out a membership application, get two current kennel club members to sponsor you application and pay membership dues.  Your application will then be presented to the board of directors for approval and then to the club for a vote.  Once a member, you receive discounts in training fees and various other benefits.  Contact us for more information or if you have questions.

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